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Game Design (General)

Practice and Principles
Game design is an art, and like any art it takes effort to perfect it. These articles should help with that...

Blender Game Engine

Getting Started
Learning to use the Blender Game Engine takes a bit of time (just like anything else worthwhile). If you don't know how to use Blender yet, I suggest you spend a few weeks learning the user interface, modelling, texturing and animation from the User Manual (offsite). These links will help you on your way once you're ready to dive into the GE: FAQ and Troubleshooting
There are some questions that just seem to pop up over and over again with new users of the Blender Game Engine. I hope that I can offer helpful answers to those here. Also, some problems with the BGE are not version specific bugs. I'd like to offer you solutions to those here. Creating the User Interface
    Input Devices
  • NEW! Allowing the User to Input Text Web plugin enhanced Incomplete
  • Using Custom Cursors This very accurate method is known to work with Blender 2.34 and later. It will not work with Blender 2.25.
  • ST150's Custom Cursor Template (offsite) Here is Andrew West's custom cursor template. I find this method a bit more difficult to use than mine, but it works with earlier versions of Blender so it is a useful resource to add to your BGE toolkit.
  • Analog Joystick Demo (.blend, 226KB) A .blend file demonstrating analog joystick support. Includes calibration script for uniform performance between computers.
Making Great Environments Texturing Adding Media
    Music and Sound
    Note: v2.25 has built in MP3 and OGG support (using fmod). Later versions do not.
  • MP3 and OGG Support (offsite) by Andrew West aka ST150
  • A newer (and easier IMHO) method of integrating audio with pySonic (an fmod wrapper) has been found. Tutorial soon to come.
Bullet Physics BGE Python

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