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How can I add video cutscenes or in-game movies?

by blendenzo

Note: Windows Only!

Video Cutscenes

Adding video cutscenes (movie clips that play in between segments of the game) in the BGE is easy. Keith Gearty (gorgan_almi on the blenderartists forums) has developed a simple to use Python tool called "FMV-ed" to do just that (and he has generously given permission to host it). Keith pointed out to me that FMV-ed doesn't actually add the video to Blender, it merely calls the Windows Media ActiveX controller needed to display the cutscene. Since this makes it a Windows only solution, Keith calls it "hardly ideal.... The correct way to do it IMO is to either manipulate the BGE directly (if possible) or load MPlayer."

The current licence is closed-source freeware, provided as is, without warranty. "I've got no problem with releasing it as GPL, except that the source code is on an old hard disk somewhere. if anyone is desperate for the source code (either v1 or v2) then I'll get around to releasing it." Download the zip file (76kb) and read the provided instructions to include video cutscenes in your game. (Keith's download page is here.)

Author: Keith Gearty (gorgan_almi)
Version: 1.01
License: Freeware
Platform: Windows Only
    Official Features List:
  • Any number of movie files can be played, one at a time.
  • Supports any format that Windows Media Player supports.
  • FMVs (cut-scenes) can be skipped by pressing Esc.
  • FMVs can be paused by pressing Space.
  • Simple to use for those who don't like to fiddle with Python.
Download (zip, 76kb)

Video Textures

In-game videos (or "video textures") are a bit more difficult to use, and they also are only confirmed to run on Windows (2000/XP tested). To add video textures to your game, use Ashsid's Video Texture Player (offsite). You can post support questions or find additional help on the blenderartists thread.


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