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March 30, 2007
-Marble Labyrinth
-Greenhouse Wars
September 4, 2006
-BattleBalls Online
August 15, 2006-


Online (Blender Web Plugin)


Filesize: 88KB

by blendenzo

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Blender Game Engine (BGE) Games

Marble Labyrinth 0.9a

Filesize: 3.77MB (zip) (alternate 2.64MB rar)
Blender Version: 2.41

by blendenzo

Author Email | Author Website

This was one of the first games I ever made with Blender and released to the Blender community. Some of you may recognize it from your childhood, since this is a 3D remake of an actual wooden toy. The object of the game is to guide the steel marble through the maze without falling through the holes. You cannot move the marble itslef, though. You may only rotate the wooden platforms to guide the ball.
  • Release version: 0.9a (3-30-07)
  • Controls: Up and Down arrows control forward and backward movement, Z and X keys control left to right movment
  • Known bugs: Currently there is a problem with the marble occasionally falling through. I will eventually change the rotation method for the platforms to fix this.

Custom Display Menu v1

Filesize: 3.0MB (zip) (alternate 2.4MB rar)

by blendenzo

Author Email | Author Website

I made the Custom Display Menu as a method of providing display options for Blender Games. Now the player can specify "in-game" how the game should be displayed according to their specific hardware and personal preferences. This was one of my more challenging projects thus far, because it required a lot of time in graphic design and some slightly intricate coding. Anyway, I hope you find it useful. To run your own Blender games with it, change all references to "joyTest2.blend" and "joyTest2.bat" (lines 14 and 19 in "SaveToBat" and line 8 in "RunGame").

UPDATE Oct-25-2006: Fixed a problem that was causing the file not to run correctly on machines without a full Python install. Also, I have heard back from fireside on Linux shell commands. Linux support pending.

Game Maker Games (Windows Only)

Greenhouse Wars

Filesize: 4.75MB

by Zack Brown and team

Author Email

Zack Brown is a friend and co-worker of mine. Sometimes when you are acquainted with someone, you do things like host their games even though they contain politically divergent views from the ones you personally espouse. This happens to be one of those times...

Greenhouse Wars was created as part of a project for one of Zack's college classes. In this game, you must help former United States Vice President Al Gore defeat the invading greenhouse gases and pollution causing enemies.


Filesize: 1MB

by blendenzo

Author Email | Author Website

ClickBall is the first game I created with Game Maker. It's not much to speak of, since I simply followed the quick tutorial in the documentation. Still, if you're thinking of making games, it is a good example of how quickly games can be set up in Game Maker. All together, it took me about ten minutes of actual work to make this game.
  • Click the balls to score points. Blue balls = 10pts, Green Bonus balls = 500pts.
  • To quit, press the [ESC] key.

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