The SoundWindow

The SoundWindow is currently most useful for the realtime part of Blender, which is not covered by this manual.

It is used to load and visualize sounds. You can grab and zoom the window like every other window in Blender.



As with every window header, the first button allows you to set the type of window.

Full Window

Maximise the window, or return to the previous window display size; return to the previous screen setting (CTRL-UPARROW).


All visible Sequences are completely displayed, centered in the window (HOME).


Choose another Audio Stream from the list of available ones. The option "Add New" opend a File selection window to open a new AUdio file.


Give the current Audio Stream a new and unique name. After the new name is entered, it appears in the list, sorted alphabetically.


Provides some info about the currently activeAudio Stream.

The Audio Window

The sound Audio Window represents the wave shape. Differently by allother Blender Time windows the time scale is here in seconds, not frames.