Weight Painting

Weight painting is an alternate technique for assigning vertices to vertex groups. The user can "paint" weights onto the model and see the results in real-time. This makes smooth joints easier to achieve.


To activate weight-painting mode, select a mesh with vertex groups and click on the weight paint icon.

The active mesh will be displayed in weight-color mode. In this mode dark blue represents areas with no weight from the current group and red represent areas with full weight.

Only one group can be visualized at a time. Changing the active vertex group in the edit buttons will change the weight painting display.


Weights are painted onto the mesh using techniques similar to those used for vertex painting, with a few exceptions.

The "color" is the weight value specified in the mesh's edit-buttons. The "opacity" slider in the vertex paint buttons is used to modulate the weight.

"Erasing Weight"

To erase weight from vertices, set the weight to "0" and start painting.