The TextureButtons

The settings in this ButtonsWindow visualise the Texture DataBlock. These buttons are only displayed if:

Blender automatically selects the correct setting if the TextureButtons are called up from the MaterialButtons, LampButtons or WorldButtons. Hotkey: F6. Each Texture has a 3D coordinate (the texture coordinate) as input. What happens here is determined by the type of texture:

The DataButtons in the Header indicate what Texture block is visualised.

Texture Browse

Select another Texture from the list provided, or create a new block.


Give the current Texture block a new and unique name.


If the Texture block has more than one user, this button shows the total. Press the button to make the Texture "Single User". An exact copy is then created.

Remove Link

Delete the link to the Texture.

Auto Name

Blender assigns a name to the Texture.