Stars are randomly placed halo-like objects which appear in the background. Star settings are shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8. Star buttons

It is very important to understand a few important concepts: StarDist: is the average distance between stars. Stars are intrinsically a 3D feature, they are placed in space, not on the image!

Min Dist: Is the minimum distance from the camera at which stars are placed. This should be greater than the distance from the camera to the furthest object in your scene, unless you want to risk having stars in front of your objects.

The Size: NumButton defines the actual size of the star halo. It is better to keep it much smaller than the proposed default, to keep the material smaller than pixel-size and have pin-point stars. Much more realistic.

The Colnoise: NumButton adds a random hue to the otherwise plain white stars. It is usually a good idea to add a little ColNoise.

Figure 9 Shows the same misty image of Figure 7 in the Section called Mist but with stars added. The Stars settings are shown in Figure 10.

Figure 9. Star rendering.

Figure 10. Star settings.