Hotkeys Quick Reference Table

This Appendix is an automated import of Joeri Kassenaar's original work, re-organized as a text database by Bastian Salmela.


Works InWorks IfCauses

3D Window

An Object is selected

A Menu to Appear

IPO Window

Mesh Vertex/vertices is/are selected

A Toolbox to Appear

Sequence Window

IPO keys are selected

A File Select dialog

Image Select Window

Sequence Strip is selected

A Menu to Appear

Text Edit Window

To be on a Button Window


Object Mode

Data Selected


Edit Modes

A Curve is selected


Object or Edit Modes

IPO Handles selected

Pose Mode

A Render Window exists

Object Oriented Window

An Armature is selected

Render Window

An Object is selected. An Image Select Window Exists

In Object Mode